Friday, October 12, 2012

Hey You! Keep your big nose out of this!

Last night I noticed something about myself. I tend to stick my nose into other games and "help" out with rules questions.  It doesn't matter if I am wrong or right it is just rude.  I some times justify this rude behavior as helping people get the rule right but it truth it is just plain rude.  So I apologize to everyone that I butted in on and vow to try to keep my mind on my own games.  Now if someone asks me a question then I will gladly help them. 

Speaking of games last night I got stomped by my friend's chaos marines.  My poor little Tau didn't stand a chance. My plasma crisis suits spent too much time futsing around when they should have been focusing their fire on the terminators or that huge blob of marines. I also left them out in the open to much. Overall I am about 50% win / loss with these guys so I really can't complain.

Next week should be the last week of the break, so it will be my last chance to play the tau on league nights.  I am looking forward to playing my Nids during the next league.  If rumors are correct it will be a double headed general league.  I think I will play alone at 2k points unless I get some one who wants to play with my nids.  (I think the TO is going to force the ally chart) Really, if I find someone to play with I don't need to play the nids.  I just want to :)

That is all for today.  This weekend I will try to get some painting done in between my Borderlands 2 and Xcom playing :)

Have a good weekend!