Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Puppets War has some cool stuff!

I was browsing the Puppets War web site today and I noticed they have a bunch of cool stuff. I picked a few to show off just to let you see a sample of what they got and what I am thinking about ordering.

First off,  We have their Elite Cyber Warriors. I think I have showed these before but they are the top of my order list.  They are going to be a good cryptek unit.

Next are the bikes I am planning to use as my rough riders in my IG army

and if my pod didn't turn out as well as it did I could have ordered one of these

Speaking of nids check out this big beasty

If I was going to play a space marine army I thought about making a space cat army using these  helmets and shoulders

and I would get one of these instead of the GW Stormtalon although the WIP looks like a better VTOL option both are better that the GW model in my humble opinion.

And for my razorbacks I would use these

so there we have it.  They also they have zombie heads, chaos shoulder pads and heads.  all Kinds of stuff to be had from these guys. I have found a few draw backs with them.  I have had some missing pieces when I ordered from them though they are always quick with a replacement pieces. and they are a bit slow shipping it to you.  (this is not really all their fault since they are in Poland.)

So what do you think? Do you like them? Do you hate them for copying GW? would you refuse to play against and army using these models?