Thursday, October 18, 2012

Just a quick shout out!

Just a quick update on my IG painting.

With the help of Chosen1 from Team Snake Eyes I have almost all 12 of my IG troopers painted.  all that is left is to paint belts, hoses, and plasma bits.  Then a quick wash and a basing and we are ready to play.  Also I want to quickly paint up my Aegis Defense line.  I have base coated it and all it needs is a heavy dry brush, paint in the details, and a wash and it is done.

So it looks like my army will be ready for Sat's tourney.  I am sorry for all the mold lines and horrible paint jobs that you had to suffer through to help me out Chosen1 but your help is much appreciated.

I will post pics of my full army next week so all can see my crappy paint jobs >_< 

Cya next time!