Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Rise Of the Nids!

This weekend I had 2 battles which I brought out my battered and somewhat painted Nids.

Here is the list

Tryant - wings and twin linked devourer with brain leach worms
Prime - regen, scything talons, bone swords

Termagant X 16 - devourer, toxin sacs, spore with Venom Cannon
Genestealer X 15 - toxin sacs Broodlord toxin sacs
Genestealer X 15 - toxin sacs Broodlord toxin sacs
Tervigon - regen, catalyst

Hive Guard 2
Hive Guard 2
Doom of Malan'tai - Spore with venom cannon

Fast Attack
Ravener X 3 - rending claws, devourer

this comes in at 1847.

Over all I was please with the lists performance.  I had enough threats on the table to make target priority a pain.  I Thought the Raveners did well but I want to see what 6 or more can do.  I think 3 is a bit fragile since 3 rockets can take out the squad.maybe a venomthrope with catalyst will help them survive any first turn assaination attempts.

The fly tryant did nothing the first game but wrecked face the second game.   I love getting iron arm for a power.  It really helped him stay alive throughout the game. 

The first game I had 2 perils in the first turn while in the second game I had one.  The new psychic stuff is prety interesting.  I will bring this list back during the next league.  Hopefully it will do as well then as it did this weekend. On a side note I think I need more termagaunts :)

Qs? C? Nom nom noms?