Friday, September 21, 2012

Chaos is looking good?

That just doesn't sound right. Chaos is never "good".  I am seeing a lot of hype for the new Chaos stuff coming in a couple of weeks.   All of it sounds bad for my armies.  Just what I need, another powerful power army coming to kill my xenos.

As for me, I think I will focus on my space bugs next.  After next week, my orks are going to be put away till next year unless they are needed for an apoc game.  I want to focus on painting my bugs and tau. (after I finish painting my necron wraiths.) so those shoota boys and lootas will have to wait to be painted.

so the here is the plan to finish out the year in league play.  I think I will keep with my Necron army

Current League
First Break
Next League
Second Break
The second league is in DEC who knows what my fancy will be? Maybe bugs again :)

In all honesty the Nids are my favorite army even though I don't play them much. in 5th I really had a hard time with them.  I was probably 50-50 with them.  I know that I need to change up my play style with them since my genestealers can no longer assault from outflanking or infiltrating.  I also have to see what has survied the car wreck and put guys back together. I fixed my hive guard but I have a bunch more to repair.

 So the plan for tonight will be to finish a wraith, try to find a matching color to the base coat that I used in the past then work on my ravengers.  I think I want at least 3 more so I have a squad of 6 to have fun with.

I will post pics next week.

Have a good weekend

Questionss? Comments? Nom nom noms?