Friday, September 7, 2012

Dread Mob cometh!

My FLGS (Fantasy Books and Games)has now decided that Forgeworld items that have the 40K stamp on them can be used in their tournaments.  The only rule is you have to have the book for the tourney and it needs to be stamped.  I am just happy that I will get to use my mega dread.

first, lets look at my list.

Big Mek - KFF, Cybork, armor
warboss- - bike, cybork, klaw

20 boys - shoota
20 boys - slugga
Deff Dread - 4 DCC, Armor
nob bikers - 2 klaws, painboy, waaagh banner cybork

Mega Dread - mega charger
3 Killa Kan - mega blaster, rokkits, grot zooka
3 Killa Kan - mega blaster, rokkits, grot zooka

Dakkajet - 3 supashootas
Dakkajet - 3 supashootas

12 lootas
I am kind of sad that I don't have klaw nobs for my boys but really with the new challenges, if my opponents are smart they would challenge them and kill him before he strikes anyway. anything with a powerweapon should slaughter him.

Also if I had another Dread and mek I would take out the bikes and add them.  Not because they are better but because it fits the theme much better.  I also wish I had magnetized my kans so I could use different layouts for them. Ah hindsight.

I also have some grot tanks but they are not built or painted yet so I might try to get them ready for next month.  to be honest I don't think the Mega dread is all that awesome.  Sure it looks cool but 1 shot of a S7 AP3 big blast is not game breaking. It only has 3 hull points. In the days of the gun it should not last past turn 1 if my opponent so desires.  I just love the model so....

 kerchunk kerchunk here comes the dread mob!

have a good weekend!