Friday, September 14, 2012

revamping the doc's list.

So after my first game with mad dok, my friend (looking at you Chambers) suggested that if I am going elite Orks I should go all the way so here is a new list.

warboss - pk, bike, cbody      
Mad Dok

20 boys - nob, cbody, shoota, pk,2X big shoota
20 boys - nob, cbody, shoota, pk,2X big shoota  
5 meganobs - 1 rokkit, cbody, battlewagon - rolla, bigshoota

5 nobs - bikes, cbodys, 2 pk, painboy, waaaagh banner   
11 lootas - cbody

Dakkajet - extra shoota  

so I dropped the cybork bodies on the boys and evened both to units of 20 while removing their nob.  I dropped one wagon, the big mek and one jet. Then I added the biker nobs and the warboss biker.

I figure I don't need the KFF since my guys all have a 5++ save.  I thought about dropping the nobs from the boys to save points but I found an extra 70 points so I put them back. I think I need to keep the lootas.  They never perform as well as I want them to but everyone is afraid of them. 

this army will be funny running across the battlefield.  One draw back is I only have 1 battlewagon.  I think it will always blow up on turn 1 so I hope I go first so I can move 18 inches forward and hopefully something is in charge range for the mega nobs.  my other option is to hold them in reserve and go all out from turn 2. but that is 500pts sitting in reserve not counting the plane. my one wish is that I could tank shock during my flat out move :)

I hope you have a good weekend