Thursday, November 1, 2012

Tau Take 2!

We did so well last week that I felt I needed to change it up >_<  lets take a look at my list.

Shas'o - missile pod, plasma, shield, multi-tracker, Stim injector, black sun filter

Fire Warrior X 6 
Fire Warrior X 6

Heavy Support
Hammerhead - Railgun, Target array, burstcannons, black sun filter, Disruption pod, target lock
Broadside X 2- leader HW BS filter targeting array

Fast Attack
Pathfinder - devilfish

Crisis suit X 3 targeting array, TL missilepods, leader HW BS filter
Crisis suit X 2 targeting array, TL missilepods

So the idea is that the hq joins the small squad of crisis suits the pathfinders hide out somewhere and shoot the markerlights to help get ride of cover saves. One of the fire warrior squads can pony up in the devilfish and the broadside and hammerhead blow crap up.

Pretty simple plan.  I am a bit worried about not having a lot of AP2.  I bet tonight will be the night I face the Deathwing army or anything with a ton of Termies. We live and learn I guess.

Comments? Questions? Nom nom noms?