Friday, November 30, 2012

Is the Doom to powerful?

Ever since 6th has come out I have added the Doom to most of my lists.  He is a major distraction and usually makes up his points.  What I have heard though is that he is just over powered and cheesy.  Almost to the point of Dragio Cheesy or an army of Purifiers cheesy.

Some say they don't even want to play me if I use him... is he that bad?

Yea his brain sucking power is really good.  Really is it any stronger than heroic intervention?  Or Jaws? Or the death ray?  All of these things are exceedingly powerful and can change the course of the game.  Most are harder to combat than the Doom. 

Lets look at ways to beat the doom.

1. don't bunch up.  If you are spread out the most I can do is go after 1 unit.  If you make a good roll on that unit he is sol.
2. Stay in vehicles.  The Doom's power does not work on embarked units.
3. Lascannon emplacement.  If the Doom is wounded from this thing and I fail the 3++ he is dead.
4. missile spam. If you let him have his 1 turn, spaming S8 shots at him will bring him down.  I can't make 3++ forever. 

He is not an easy "I win" button. but for the time I guess I  will put him away and look for other things to fill my fun lists.  He will only come out for tourney play.  Poor little brain sucker >_<

Have a good weekend all.

Questions? Comments? Nom nom noms?