Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Friendly Nom noms take 2...

So, I was looking over my fun list I was not cofortable with 8 ripper swarms.  I have never been a big fan of the little buggers.  I also noticed a lack of synapse so I think I found a ways to keel the snake theme and boost up the synapse: Zonathropes

Lets take a look at the list.
Tyranid Prime –lashwhip /bone sword regen
10 Genestealer – broodlord toxin sacs
10 Genestealer – broodlord toxin sacs
5 Ravener - rending claws, Devourer
5 Ravener - rending claws, Devourer
3 Shrike – lash whip/ bonesword toxin sac
Trygon Prime – bio pulse, regen

So with this army I hope to present a varity of targets  to confuse or dilute my opponents target priority.  With the addition of the Zoies this adds 2 more points of synapse and shadow in the warp to mess with psychers.   I am a bit worried about the shrikes since I am only bringing 3 but we shall see.  I will still put the prime in with a genestealer brood to help out with the killing. 
Adding the zoies aslo gives me so options with some range shots if I keep their default powers.  If I don’t, it will give me access to some decent buffs.  Through either biomancy or telekinesis. 
Thursday I will be taking this untested band of bugs into battle with the evil chaos of Chosen1 from Team Snake Eyes.  I hear that demons are very powerful in this new codex and that I will fear the flamers.  Seeing that I want to get into hand to hand all those d3 hits are going to hurt.  We shall see… maybe my trigon can shoot them down.
Hopefully Friday I can give a full recount of our battle. 
Questions? Comments? Nom nom noms?