Tuesday, December 11, 2012

WIP... Tuesday?

Monday nights are usually reserved for D&D encounters but we had a couple people cancel on us so I had a free night.  Seeing that I have been pretty distracted lately and have not had time to work on my armies I thought it would be a perfect night to spend some time with them.

First thing I did was start repairing my gargoyles.  They were one of the biggest causality from my car accident About half of them have their stems broken off in the body.  Others were missing arms, heads, and or wings.  Last night I reattached all the wings and heads.  I also matched all the guys who had 1 arm still attached wit ha new arm.  I didn't have a drill with me to work on the Stems and I had the wrong glue to reattach 2 arms to the body.

Over all, I have about 10 complete gargoyles with 8 or so missing there stands and 4 of those with out arms, and 1 missing a head. (I hope I can found that head somewhere)  So I decided to work on the wing color for my Nids.

I had decided a while back to use a darker color on my wings but after looking at them and talking to few people I think it is the wrong way to go.  So, I went a different way with the wings.  here have a look:

The one on the left is the new style where the one on the lfet is the old style.  I like how the fingers pop more on the new style.  Neither of these are fully painted so ignore the lack of highlights >_<  I have to get going on these.  Only 128 days till adepticon and I don't have a single gargoyle completely painted.

After washing the wings I needed to find something else to work on while it dried.  This is when I found this guy.

Rrrraaaooww!  The Space Hulk Broodlord is a great sculpt.  I started to work on the carapace and claws undercoat and the pile o skulls that he is perched on. I did a wash on the skulls so that ended my work on this guy.  So I called it a night.

Next time I am going to repair my tervigon and I will post some pics so I can get your opinion on which tervigon I should field. Let me know if you like the new wings.

Happy Tuesday all!

Questions? Comments? Nom nom noms?