Monday, July 9, 2012

OH NO!!!

So Saturday night I was in a car accident.  I do not want to go into exactly what happened but lets just say my car has less trunk space that it used to. On top of the car damage I had my Nids in my trunk.  They did not fair all that well either.

Except for a few casualties my hormagaunts, tremaguants, and genesteallers made it through with little problem.  The rest were not so lucky. Not a single guard, hive or tyrant, made it through unscathed.  My venomthrope was bent over and missing some arms.

My big guys got hurt as well.  Arms missing, heads missing, torsos broke off from abdomen.  Nasty stuff.  The last of the damage was my gargoyles.  Half of their flight stands were snapped off.  As were their heads, guns, and wings.

Over all it was a big mess but I think most of it will be repairable. It just will take a while and some glue and probably green stuff.

Needless to say my nids will be taking a break to lick their wounds.  Look like I will learn 6th with the necrons help.

Hope everyone's Monday is better than mine.