Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The learning continues....

6th Has been out for a couple weeks now.  I have gotten 3 games in now.  One with Orks and 2 with Necrons.  While 3 games really is not enough games to get a true opinion of the edition, I do have some first impressions.

First off the Flyers are pretty powerful. With hitting only on 6s and a jink save (if I remember it) they are a bit more durable and I can see me using 2 doom scythes instead of the usual Monolith.  I still think a monolith has a place on the table.  heck if it moves it can jink since it is a skimmer.

In my last game I used a 20 man squad of warriors with a ghost ark in support . an keep this blob out of combat it is very durable.   4+ with 4+ reanimation (rez orb) and then the ghost ark to top off the unit when casualties start to come in make this squad very strong indeed.  But if they get charged... Just hope that you roll a bunch of 6's on over watch..... With 40 shots it is possible, just ask Ork Shootas.

I still like my immortals.  They are a strong unit and have a 3+ save.  I might start running 2 warrior squads and one immortal squad.  I am not sure I will have try it out some.  I think I will try out my IG this week.  I am going to guess that my tanks will die horribly.

List coming either tomorrow or Thursday.

Questions? Comments? Nom nom noms?