Thursday, July 19, 2012

dual blob Necrons

My Thursday league has been upped to 1850 this week.  I was hoping to play a few more small games since we ALWAYS play 1850.  I decided to keep with the Necrons since my nids are still in the process of being reconstructed.   Lets look at my list.

Overlord - weave, phase shifter, rez orb, warscythe X 2

Royal Court 1
Destro-tek X 2
Storm-tek - lightning field

Royal Court2
Destro-tek X 2
lord -weave, phase shifter, rez orb, warscythe

Warriors X 15 with Ghost Ark X2

Immortals X 10

Doom Scythe

Tomb Blades X 3

Scarabs X 4

Each overlord grabs 2 desrto-tek and joins with the Warrior mobs. The ghost arks hang back to help replenish the 2 squads when needed. and the storm-tek and lord go with the immortals.  I like what the Scythe has done in the last couple of games so I will keep it up. I got the tomb blades so I want to try them out.  the are probably overpriced and useless I will find out tonight >_<

I am using the scarabs for 2 reasons. One, to help destroy any bastions that may be out there and  two, they were so feared before 6th that I think people might waste time shooting them.

Pretty straight forward.  I am looking forward to helping out my Guard Army so I ask this question.  Do I get a Vendetta or a Bastion.  The Vendetta will give me a flyer which can be a pretty powerful addition but the Bastion will get me an AV 14 bunker that I can get a skyfire quad cannon.  Throw a vet squad inside and some heavy weapons on top and we are good to go.

So, help me out here.  Which do you think is a better addition to a tank heavy Guard army.