Monday, December 10, 2012

Adepticon nom noms take 3

After my ass beating Thursday I decided to make my friendly list a bit more unfriendly.  We’ll take a look at the list first and talk about the changes after.

Prime – regen, lash whip and bonesword, devourer       
10 Genestealer – broodlord, toxinsacs                                  
10 Genestealer – broodlord, toxinsacs                                  
Tervigon – regen, catalyst                                                           
13 Termagant – devourer                                                            
5 Ravener – devourer, rending claws                                     
5 Ravener – devourer, rending claws                                     
15 gargoyles – toxin sacs                                                              

So first thing the snake theme is out.  No more Trygon,  converted genestealers, or shrikes made from raveners.  I added more bodies with gargoyles, gaunts, and the baby maker.

This new list takes me from 2 weak troops to 4 with at least 1 more from the Tervigon.  I know that the baby maker has a bad reputation but I don’t think including him will make too many waves.  My warlord is just as squishy as before though I gave him a shooting attack now instead or the talons.  I think I will try him herding the gaunts across the board.

Still this list is not ready by any means what here is what I have left to paint and build.

Prime – still waiting for the order to show up to start on this guy.

Tervigon – I will post pick of my custom one vs the real model and let you guys decide which I should take

15 gargoyles – I need to repair these guys and paint most of them (they got trashed in the car wreck)

5 Raveners – 2 are close to being done but 3 are just primed.

2 Zoanthorpes - should be pretty quick
Of course the genestealers could be repainted to bring them into my current style and quality of painting.  That will only happen if I get everything else done. 

As I get working check back to vote on which tervigon to use and the color of my gargoyle wings.

Have a good Monday!
Questions? Comments? Nom nom noms?