Thursday, December 27, 2012

Practice, Practice, Practice

The prepping for Adepticon will continue this week and to help out my buddy test his list, I am bringing a not so cheesy Necron list.  This means no scarab farm, no fliers, no mindshackle scarabs.  Just some troops, and some rez orbs.  Lets take a look.

Bastion w/ quad gun                     

Overlord– w/ Warscythe, Res orb, Phase shifter, Weave                                                                                                              
Royal Court
2 X Lord – w/ Warscythe, Res orb, Phase shifter, Weave                                               

7 warriors                                           
7 warriors                                           
9 immortals                                       
10 immortals                                     
10 immortals                                     

Fast Attack
6 wraith- 3 whip coils                     
So the overlord and lords will each take a squad of immortals, the wraiths will be a distracting unit while the warriors hole up in the bastion.  One squad on top to shoot the gun and another inside to shoot the heavy bolters. 
This only gives me 6 kill points to give up so that is not bad.  I thought about dropping a squad of immortals to get 2 annihilation barges and throwing a lord in with a squad of warriors. This will give me some more mobile firepower to fire downfield.  We shall see. 

Hopefull I will bring my camera or Ipad to gedt some pics of the action so I can write up an report of some kind for you guys.

Hope you all have a good Christmas.  Hopefully this will not be my last post of the year. 

Questions? Comments? We be backs?