Thursday, December 20, 2012

The times are a changing...

Last week at the Rogue Trader tourney (which I didn't get to play in ... the life of a ringer) it was announced that the army size will be 2k starting next month.  After taking to our league organizer about it he also thinks that he will be raise the point limit as well. So I thought I would take some time and modify my old 2k nid list and present it to you.  Let's take a look.

winged Tyrant - 2 TL devourers , 2 random biomancy powers,regen, warlord
Tervigon - Regen, catalyst
11 Genestealers – broodlord, toxin sacs
11 Genestealers – broodlord, toxin sacs
16 Termagant –devourer mycetic spore
Doom of Malan’tai – mycetic spore
3 hive guard
Fast attack
4 Ravener – rending claws, devourers
5 Ravener – rending claws, devourers
19 Gargoyles -toxin sacs

So just comparing it to my old list we see that I dropped the ymgarls (hehe) and added a venomthrope and a bunch of gargoyles.  the gargoyles will be an excellent screening unit and will provide me with plenty of cover for my other units.  

I think the venomthrope will also help giving me a 5+ cover for my guys while they prance across the field. If needed I could drop a hive guard or a ravener to get a second Venomthrope.  The other option would be to drop all the hive guard and add a Prime to escort the venoms around or a squad of Zoeys to help out with the synapse. That is one thin I have to worry about. I need to make sure my guys stay in synapse so they don't just turn and run when they loose a few guys.
I hope you all have a merry Christmas!
Questions? comments? Nom nom noms?