Thursday, August 29, 2019

Sister News

So, Games Workshop (GW) had their big Nova Open announcement presentation last night and among the announcements were the Sisters of Battle  release.

The big preview was for the Penitent Engine.

I like it. I am not seeing why so many people are hating on the model.  I have seen a lot of people comparing it to an old model that someone posed dynamically.  This is unfair since the usual pose of the engine is just like the pose of the new version.  I have a feeling that people who like to pose these models will love the new kit because you are using plastics.  It is much easier to modify that the stock metal.

While not given a high resolution photo we did get our first look at a Mistress of Repentance.

This is a cool miniature with a whip this seems to be all the rage in GW's modeling.  I am a bit concerned with it snapping off during play or transport.

We also got to see several Serephim and Repentia painted.

After seeing them like this I know that I like the new models better.   That being said, this is all great for the new Sister player.  I still have not seen anything that are for the old dedicated fan.  I know we have not seen the tanks or the Celestines, Dominions, or Retributors.  If these models are just variation on the standard battle sisters with different weapons then the old guard might be disappointed. 

Lastly they have a picture of a battle force coming out in November.

The article says it comes with a codex and the box says 25 models.  If the video is just the contents of the box it is a bit of a challenge to figure out what the exact 25 models are.  From the looks of it we can guess that we will have 10 sisters, 5 repentia, 3-5 serephim(only see 3 in the video), the mistress, the canoness and a engine.  that is only 21-23. This leaves at least two more models.  A second engine would be nice but looking at the photos they gave I am wondering if a sister squad box contains 6 models.  If a standard box has 6 sisters in the box then the battle force might have 2 of these in kits in it. That would bring the total to 25 if the other numbers stay the same.

This is all just speculation.  We will find out what is in the box in a couple of months. The big question is how much is that thing going to be.  That we will have to wait and see.

What do your think?