Sunday, August 25, 2019

Black Templar Display Board WIP

Hi all! Long time no see! Summer is winding down, so naturally I'm racing to finish more than necessary.  With both Armies on Parade and Shorehammer coming up, I wanted to create a display board. Earlier this year, I completed a display board in a three day period for my friend. I did not hit that goal this time.

Before I start, I should mention that all the MDF terrain is from Sarissa Precision (With the exception of the train car, which is from a terrain supplier that unfortunately stopped filling orders soon after I got six feet of train track and three train cars from him.) I was the lucky winner of one of the awesome 50 pound freebee giveaways, and thus grabbed a warehouse, a train switch controller, a water tank, and an oil tank for the grand total cost of 7 pounds (with shipping). Naturally I couldn't help but tweak each one as I built them.

The Water Tank

 The Sarissa Precision Warehouse - this got a bit tricky as the piece that the bottom of the warehouse was supposed to attach to did not look the same as the piece in the instructions. I got very frustrated for several hours until I figured it out (and may have angrily tweeted at them).

Carnage. Sheer carnage - you can see the oil tank on the roof of the warehouse. But here's some in progress shots. The base is the other part of the giant 2x4 inch thick mdf board I used earlier this year. Here you can see me playing with some layouts. Everything will be NOT  attached, other than the train track. I can't really store something like that, until I actually go ahead and build an entire terrain board that looks like it.

 Foam Cut.
 Tiles marked in, rolled with aluminum once and then twice (the fiancee really wanted in on that action.)
 Some test ideas for the rooftop of the warehouse being put in place, and some of my one inch tiles arranged around the entire board to create a heavier duty border and fill in some empty space.
 I filled in the wholes in the train tracks with an entire tub of wall filler (well, half of a half-full tub). Then I filled in the central part with rocky ballast. I did not do the edges as I wanted it to look more mounded up (and avoid the concrete like walls.)
 Board is fully painted, washed, and highlighted (except the actual metal tracks aren't done, I realize now).

 The outside of the building has three different sets of grey on it now, so the concrete level is done. I need to do the doors, window frames, and other elements, especially inside (which will be another post). I also finished (but somehow didn't take pictures of) the oil tank, water tank, and crossing. I purposefully left the surroundings dull to put the focus on the miniatures.

Last thing - as this will be my armies on parade board, I'm going to go full out with additional elements like oil spills, posters and propaganda, and even sneak some fun hidden