Monday, August 12, 2019

THe Hobby Butterfly Strikes Again

With every intention to paint up some acolytes this weekend, I ended up painting up a new warband for the new Warcry game.  I knew when the GW previewed the Corvus Cabal that if the game looks even remotely fun I would be getting these models.  After watching a few battle reports I was hooked.

I picked up the warband this weekend and quickly assembled it. Although I found that some of the pieces were a bit tricky to put together, I was able to finish building them without breaking them with little or no gaps.  After I assembled them, I started to paint them. I started batch painting the models but, as always, I ended up taking single models and finishing completely before moving on to the next model.

My first model is one of the cabalist.  She is one of the two the spear wielding cabalist. She could have had a dart or blade but I like the look the spear.  The other cultist have a blade and a familiar.  It is weird that the Warcry game doesn't supply rules for the dart version.

Mys second model was the Shrike Talon.  He is the one model that most people notice when they see the kit.  He drew my eye as well.  I love the pose and had some fun painting him up.

I started with the Skeleton Horde contrast paint for the skin.  I then went with Caledor Sky for their clothes.  The feathers were Black Templar contrast.  I painted the bone pieces with Ushabti Bone.  The metals were painted with Leadbelcher. Finally the leather straps were done with XV-88.

With the basecoat done, I focused on giving some more depth to the colors.  I used a coat of Space Wolf Grey contrast on the blue.  This gave it some depth and darken it down a bit. For the feathers, I gave them Nulin wash to deepen the black since the contrast does not make a true black.  I then applied a drybrush of Celestra Grey. This gives them more definition.  Finally, to finish the bones I did my usual Agrax Earthshade wash.

Overall, they painted up quick.  I am hoping to have the set done by next Thursday since that is the start of a local campaign.  Then I can go back to painting acolytes.  Unless I see another fun project to work on.

Have a good one.

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