Friday, August 2, 2019

Moar Shorehammer talk.

Last time I talked about Shorehammer, I was on the fence on which army I wanted  take. Since then, I decided to go with the Genestealer Cult (GSC). They are a different type army and my friend has thrown the gauntlet down for our grudge match and he want to face the GSC.

First off, I checked with the TO and the Vigilus detachments are not allow.  So there goes my typical Anointed Throng detachment.  Also, warlord traits that give command points (CP) before the game also are not allowed, so I can't use Inscrutable Cunning to get a few extra command points.  I am going to have to think outside my usual box and figure out how else to make my GSC work.

On the topic of command points,  the rules for the Highlander are you generate CP at the start of each turn and they go away after the turn is over.  You get one for a standard detachment and two more if it is from the same army.  That means if I want to use A Perfect Ambush,  I would have to use all my points for that turn.  It is a risky move since I might want to bring back some troops with Cult Reinforcements (sorry @TheLonelyHavoc) or use the popular combo of Lying in Wait and Extra Explosives with my Jackals.  I am going to have to make some hard choices each turn without the glut of command points I usually have.

Speaking of hard decisions, I am wondering if I should take a pure GSC army or should I supplement with some guard units.  I think using a Tank Commander would be better than a Cult Leman Russ while a Wyvern would be better than three mortar heavy weapon teams.  I just need to throw in an infantry squad, conscripts, or a scion squad to complete the Allied Detachment.  This will take off about a third of my points but it is will give me better tank shooting and indirect fire.

Instead of a combined army, I could stick with a strictly GSC army making some huge squads of Acolytes and Neophytes. I could Max out a squad of Abberants and bring the full cast of characters that the cult provides. I will miss out on the indirect fire the Wyvern gets and the +1 BS of a Tank Commander but my army will be GSC pure and have more points for more rock saws and an Jackal Alphus, Santus or heck even some actual Genestealers.

Speaking of Genestealers, maybe I should run a Tyranid ally with a big pack of Kraken stealers and some Hiveguard support.  I could then finish the detachment with a cheap Neurothrope or maybe even a Broodlord.  the Broodlord might break the rules of the Highlander with a GSC Patriach but I think it might be nice having two of those running around causing problems. The Tyranid Genestealers have a few options the GSC one do and the hive guards are some of the best indirect gun platforms out there. While the stealers are kind of redundant the hive guard would be very welcome.

In the end, really I need to make some lists and try them out.  The hard part is finding a partner to play against to test my lists out.  Maybe I need to pay someone in beer or models for a day of me running armies against them.

Questions? Comments? For the Four-armed Emperor!!!

PS if you are in the St Louis Area and want to help me out drop me a line and we can work something out.