Monday, July 29, 2019


After the Fulgurites were finished I decided to paint a model a good friend gave to me.  The great Marbo.

User Kabbala sent me Marbo a while back.  I have been meaning to paint him for a while but other project kept getting in the way.  It was so bad he didn't even get added to my Trello boards.  I have fixed that as well as finished him.

I decided to try some contrast paints for his skin.  I think it did a great job.  I tried to use the black for his hair but it didn't turn out right so I went with Abadon Black  with a dark grey highlight.  I painted his pants to match my Guard army.  The little Audrey plant on the base I used the Camo Green contrast paint to make it easier.  Turned out well.

I used my grass flock mixture on the base to also tie in my guard army.  I think the little touches like that help the armies come together.

With him finished I went on to painting up some Genestealer Cult acyloytes as well as a sister of battle.  Keep an eye out for those soon.

Questions? Comments? pew pew pew!