Sunday, July 7, 2019

Summer Painting Progress Continues! Alpha Legion & Renegades

I'm continuing to work on my summer painting challenge. Today I finished a big chunk of the alpha legion remnants and the plague ogryns / remaining aberrants. I keep having this problem of adding models to the painting que that aren't on the actual to be painted list (like the aberrants), meaning that while my painted numbers go up, my unpainted numbers only decrease slowly.

I painted them to be usable as plague ogryns as well, but I'm most likely going to use them as aberrants in my GSC army. Giving me five more models as part of my aberrant bomb, which is especially nice. This frees up one of the models to become an Abominant. Finally, now I can have two units of aberrants, allowing me to double my ambush ability.

 My photos seem very dark - the models are pretty dark too, as I didn't want them to really really pop brightly. The clothing tends to give them a bit of color - and their mutations.

You see how they compare size wise to the other group. They're smaller, but actually on the right scale as the actual aberrant models. So they work perfectly as counts as.

In addition, I've also finished my Alpha Legion obliterators. I've been on the receiving end of them, and want to test them out as part of my Alpha legion detachment. We'll see how it goes.

 I'm much happier with the oblits. I love the mixture of the armor and the mutated flesh. Another piece of good news is that finally, the master of possession is also almost finished. So hurray! 

To finish...

  • Black Templar Phobus Armor LT (1 model - received and built)
  • Two Squads of Ten Vostroyan Guard including heavy weapon bases.
  • Four man command squad (Flamer, Medic, Comms and Grenade Launcher)
  • Two Vostroyan Snipers
  • Eleven Black Templar Crusaders
  • Black Templar Apothecary
  • 2 Alpha Legion Obliterators
  • Alpha Legion Master of Possession
  • Alpha Legion Sorcerer 
  • Five Plague Ogryns (or Aberrants) 
Finished - 71 miniatures
Unfinished - 46ish