Sunday, July 7, 2019

Orks and Contrast

On my day off I thought I would work on some Orks and continue to work with the contrast paints.  This time I am painting some Orks.

First up is a Goff Stormboy.  There is an Ork Flesh green but it looks too bright, so I tried out Creed Camo.  It still not quite right shade.  I also used the Black Templar color for the rest of the model. I do like the result for the black.  It can act as a decent basecoat with a highlight that I can build on.  I used some leadbelcher for weapons and armor and then picked out the small details like eyes, teeth, wires and the button to finish the model.

After the stormboy I painted up a couple of Grots.   Here you can see the difference in color.  It feels like I am seeing the white under the green a bit.  I need to look at it some more before I go all in with the contrast paint.  I am not sure if I need to go with the darker green or just a second coat of this one. I still need to play with it some.

The Snakebite Leather color looks great. It makes the leather pop more than I ever did on my older model. I will use this from now on for all of my orks.  I might even try and go back fom my warbosses.  We will see.

 Painting up the models was quick and not to hard.  You have to be careful so the paints don't overlap.  If overlap does happen, you need to repaint the spot with the base color and then you can try to be more careful.  It is a bit annoying but not to bad.

I will continue to play and work with the contrast paints.  I think they do a decent job and are a nice tool.  I would like to find a a blue to help with my tyranids. Let me know what you think.

Questions? Comments? Dakka Dakka Dakka!!!