Thursday, July 18, 2019

Skorpius Dunerider

Now That my Super Secret Project is done I had time to work on other models. The first one I wanted to get to was the new Skorpius Dunerider.

I knew I wanted this vehicle as a transport so I didn't try to magnetize it to build both kits.  I believe that it might be possible with magnetizing the front plate and turret.  I also think the crew will need to be magnetized since I think the top might be too short for them to stand.  If I get a second kit I might give it a try.

The transport version is no powerhouse.  It has 12 strength 4 shots with no AP modifiers. This is a bit better than a rhino with a stormbolter (4 shots) it is not going to win you games with it's shooting.  What it does do though is give your troops some much needed protection as the scurry across the field.  I am planning on running 10 Fulgerite Electro-Priests in one of these.  That way they can get closer to an enemy and hopefully destroy it so they get their 3++ save.

The kit was not bad in assembly and painting.  I went pretty Ad Mech basic with my scheme.  There is a gap on one of the corners but I have to look close to see it and I am not planning to enter it in any competition.   I am happy with how it turned out and look forward to it joining Cawl on the battlefield.

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