Monday, September 2, 2019

Black Templar Reinforcements - Xiphon Interceptor

*** Air Support Requested ***

+++ Priority +++ Urgent +++ Gamma Alpha +++

Request Processing +++
Hail The Emperor in his Glory!

Hi All,

My Black Templars recently received a supply run (the first and last they are likely to receive in a long, long time) and fortunately anti-tank weaponry was included! The Xiphon is the first major anti-tank vehicle (and first major vehicle, sans my poor contemptor dread). Having played several games against my friend's Space Wolf version (it crushed my Templar's land raider mercilessly) and run a practice game with a stand in, it fills a definite hole in the list. I also splurged on the brass ornamentation and thus they look REALLY black templar-y.

Okay here's more pictures. In progress...

I kept the landing gear down because a.) I can paint more interesting details and b.) it can be one expensive piece of scenery in my future imagined city board landing port. (I can dream!)

So just a few more comments...
  • The blue sharpie helped me line up both brass details and the pinning holding on the wings and the front to the back. 
  • The gap filler I used (which is Squadron Products Fast Drying White Putty - Link included to help you see what it looks like) Started white and clunky then became sort of gloppy - not sure how else to describe it. I like what it did on top (where it was white and pasty) but it dried super fast and strong, so that's good. On the bottom you may be able to see it looks more like yellow snot... ew.
  • I still need to base.
  • Painting wise, I'm thinking black body with white wings Masking Tape for the win?) I'll have to get some more white spray paint but it will work out! I'm also building the pilot and will be painting him separately.