Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Grots and things!

Hey everybody, sorry it has been a while since I have posted an update.  If you follow me on Facebook, you would have seen some picture of what I have been working on but with work being a busy as it is, I have not had time to type up actual blog post.  Well, I found some time so, here is an update on what I have been working on...


This past weekend was The Battle for the Books tournament.  It is a friendly tournament, so I wanted to take a fun list.  I decided to take as many grots as I could so I needed to paint up all the grots I could find.  Unfortunately I only found 8.

I painted them using contrast paints for most of the model.  The guns, eyes, teeth and accessories are normal paints while the rest was contrast.

I like how the contrast works on these models.  They do well on skin and other organic bits.  Anytime I have details, I use the classic paints since I have better control with it.

 Big Mek with Shokk Attack Gun

I have had this model for a while but never got to paint him.  This model is funny with the grot getting sucked into the gun as the ammo.  

I used the paint scheme for my Nighthaunt on the glowing balls on the gun.  I also used contrast paints on the grot, but the for the rest of the model, I used my usual paint scheme. 

His clothes are the normal XV88 color while I decided to paint up the pipe blue to help tie him into my growing Deathskull klan.

 Grot Tank

Lastly, for the tournament I wanted to field my Grot Tanks.  I had the four from Forgeworld and a custom built one already painted but I wanted to paint up my last custom one.  I use this one as my kommanda with two rokkit launchas since it is a bit bigger than the others.

I need to go back and finish the light on the turret and maybe some more touch ups here and there. At the level it is at now, it is table top quality.  

That is all I have finished lately.  I am currently finally working on my GSC.  I need to figure out what needs to be painted for the upcoming Shorehammer. Keep a look out for my summary of the tournament.  I should have it out later this week.

Questions? Comments? Dakka Dakka Dakka!