Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Lord Executioner and Grimghast Reapers

I needed a breather from all the 40k so I decided to paint some of my neglected Nighthaunt.

First up was a Lord Executioner.

Now that I have the contrast paints I just can't stop using them. For the Nighthaunt I use it for the wood.

I do like how simple the ghost style is pull off.  It is just a Nighthaunt gloom with a drybrush of white scar.  

I also wanted to paint up a squad Grimghast Reapers.

I painted up a full squad of ten but three of them have the bell.  I found two more scythes to paint up but for now I have an invalid squad.

As with the Executioner they were painted up pretty quick.I stilled used the contrast paint on the wood staves.

I was using the technical paint Astrogranite for basing but it was drying out and running out.  I fell back to my Cell-U-Clay product to texture the base. It is a similar texture and cost a lot less.

I think I will paint up the last two Reapers then I need to focus on my Cult.  I need to make sure all my models are painted up before shorehammer.  

It was a nice break but I will be going back to the grindstone.

Questions? Comments? oooooooOOOOOOooooooo!