Tuesday, May 7, 2019

GSC impressions

I finally got a chance to play the new Genestealer Cult.  They played well and I think with a little practice they could be a force to reckoned with.  While I might be a bit late, here are a few first impressions.

Know Your Rules

The one big draw back I had during the game was missing rules or forgetting the rules that I had.  I never got a command point(CP) back through my Nexos. Not because I rolled bad but because I forgot to do it.  I could have used some more CP throughout the game but out of combined 20+ points spent, I only rolled three times.  It was pathetic.

One mistake that helped me but I felt bad about was when I skimmed over the word "troops" in the Stratagem "Cult Reinforcements".  I mistakenly brought back several Abberants that turned the tide of the game.  I felt bad for my opponent.  He was gracious enough to keep playing but it ruined the whole match.

Lastly, I need to remember that the Abominant's "The Chosen One" rule affects Aberrants as well as himself.  I know I missed a few sixes while attacking his Abbadon.  This gave him the chance to kill more of my Abberants who should have been dead already anyway.

I tried to make a cheat sheet with all there is to remember but still forgot stuff.  I figure the more I play them the better I will be.  I just need to practice more and a better cheat sheet.


I played with both the Jackal Alphus and the Santus but neither did much.  I never had problems hitting with either but I just couldn't wound.  If I had some extra CP, I could give one of them "Gift from Beyond" giving them +2 to wound.  This would help with them wound models as well as gmaking it easier to do some extra mortal wounds.  I am still not sure the Santus is worth playing but I will still try using the Alphus for the +1 Balistic skill.  Maybe I do need an extra primus.

Other Special Characters

I already talked about forgetting the Nexos's ability to get CP back.  I think If I remember to roll for it, he will be worth the points.  The Clamvus is a odd unit.  I deployed him with the aberants to help with the charging.  This army needs to make those charges but once deployed he is not much use.  I guess the 5+ CP regen is nice but usually the group that comes in with him runs off and leaves him behind.  I doubt I will ever play without either of these units but I wish there was something more they could do.

Bikes and Ridgerunner

The ridge runner did ok.  The gun did well killing models.  I am not sure if it is better than a heavy weapon lascannon squad but it didn't do worse than that lascannon squad. 

The bikes were pretty lack luster.  I ran 2 small squads to fill in the outrider detachment.  If I get a second Ridgerunner I can keep them all as one squad.  I used the combo of "A Perfet Ambush " and "Extra Explosives" to do some decent damage to Abbadon.  After that they didn't do much. the small squads just don't have enough punch to take anything out.  I will have to rethink their loadout before I play them again.

Over all, it was a good learning night.  I need to remember psykers and reread the rules to get a better understanding of the game.  I was happy to play Dan from The Lonely Havoc  He was cool and understanding when we realized I missused "Cult Reinforcements" 

Have a good week.

Questions? Comments? For the four armed Emperor!!