Wednesday, May 29, 2019

More building

With the holiday, the Blues in the Stanley Cup Finals, trying to get a game in, and being sick I didn't have a lot of time to work on hobby stuff. I did get some building done though.  Again it is a bit all over the place but what else is new

Genestealer Cult

Most of what I did was for the cult.  I started with building my last box of Atalan Jackals.  I figured out that The demolition charge was not the bunch of dynamite sticks like I thought but the mine looking device.  I geared up all four of the bikers with the demo charge and replaced one of the already built and partially painted arms with the demo charge arms. For WYSIWYG purposes I feel better that they have the correct weapon.

The other part of that kit, the Wolfquad, was my next step.  Once I completed building it I proceeded to magnetize it as well as the one from the previous box.  I put that off long enough and magnetized both quads as well as the weapons that go with them.

To round out the fast attack slots I have another Ridgerunner.  I do need to do some casting for the weapon options but it is fully assembled and can be added to the army.  I am eager to have another heavy mining laser on the field.

Lastly, I picked up the cult Kill Team box.  This had some terrain an acolyte squad and the Kelermorph.  I do plan on building another rock saw acolyte out of this kit but I was focusing on getting the Kelermorph built and ready for action.  I plan on getting him into the next game I play. 

Sisters of Battle

With all the previews of the new sisters coming out has inspired me to get started painting the squad I have.  I had to clip off the tab so I can place them on basing material I am using for the sisters.   With the bases stamped and smoothed out, thanks to my lovely wife sanding the edges down, I mounted them and then primed them.  I am eager to get the squad done.

The sisters could not be left without a leader so I also assembled Celestine and the second Geminea Sister.  I have some trouble getting the sword to stay on but once I get it she can be primed and finished as well.

So there you have it.  I got  a bit of building done.  Next I will be painting.  I think I will start with the Kelermorph and then the Jackals.  After that maybe I will switch to the sisters.  I need to clear off the log before those new Ad Mech transports come in.  Those look awesome.

Questions? Comments? Let's GO BLUES!!!!