Monday, May 20, 2019

What's on my table:

This weekend, the hobby butterfly hit again. I started a few projects but finished none of them. Lets take a look.

Building Models

I started the weekend building a few models.  First up was Sly Marbo.  A good friend sent this to me and has been on my work table for a while. He is in the newer finecast but I didn't see any problems.  He went together pretty easily. 

After he was built, I turned my attention to a Raging Hero model.  This will be a stand in for a Slaughter Queen. I thought it was a nice model and will be a nice addition to my Daughters army.  She was a bit trickier to put together but in the end, it is a nice model.  Both are now primed and ready for some paint.

Finally, When she was done I decided to build my Store Anniversary Darrakar.  This is a Guardian of Souls for the Nighthaunt.  He comes with four options.  There is a lantern, an hourglass, a mace and an axe. I chose to use the axe and the hourglass.  The axe deals one damage with one rend while the mace dealss two damage but does not rend.  I will almost take rending over more damage. Maybe I am silly.  The hourglass makes it harder for the enemy to charge.  If the enemy is within 9" then they only get to roll 1D6 for their charge distance. This could be handy if they are trying for a longer charge.  It even makes the shortest charge of 3" not a trivial thing.

Casting Parts

On the Ridgerunners, there are three choices for the main gun.  One is a mining laser, one is a missile rack, and the last is a mortar. They all share two small supports, while the laser and missile also share a strut. I figure I would have to cast the two supports. While I was casting stuff, I thought I would try to do the strut as well.  The mold for the supports did a decent job the first try.  I added it to the mortar and it is ready to go.  For the second cast, I used miliput instead of greenstuff and it did not do as well. The strut was just unusable.  I will try again using greenstuff and maybe making a new mold as well.


Finally on Sunday, I thought I do some painting. With just a few Jackals to paint, of course I went to my backlog and pulled out a Kastellan Robot that was waiting to be painted.   I have done most of the painting on him. I still have the washes to do, the other set of hands to paint, and a few details that need to be touched up.  of course I also have to base him. This will bring my count up to four robots and a lot of firepower.

After finishing on of the colors on the robot I decided to switch gears and work on the Ridgerunner.  With the magnetizing almost done, I wanted to get some paint on it so it is not so bland on the table. I only got one color on it but it makes it look so much better.  It will be nice to get it done and ready for the table.

Lastly,  Since he was the new hotness, I stated to paint Darrakar.  I have blocked out his colors and just need to do the highlighting.  This was a fun little model to paint.  I hope I did ok on the hourglass.

There you have it.  It was a productive weekend but nothing got finished.  Hopefully I can get some of these finished this week. Who knows where the butterfly will land next.

Questions? Comments? I am a leaf on the wind watch how I soar!