Tuesday, May 28, 2019

First Painting Challenge Update! - Finished Urguls & Drones

June Painting Challenge progress!

I based them really similarly to my normal armies, but without the distinctive green gray tiles so that they obviously live in a different part of the fortress. I also wanted their colors to be really washed out and not bright and vibrant. The urguls especially are creatures of the dark, why would they be bright and vibrant!? A few small kitbashes here and there with chains and other body parts and we're good to go. 8 models down, tons to go!

Here's the current list.
  • Atalan Bikers (5 bike squad) + Atalan Jackal (Oops!)
  • Goliath Tank & Crew
  • Black Templar Suppressors (3)
  • Black Templar Phobus Armor LT (Still waiting for him in the mail)
  • Adventurers from Blackstone Fortress (8 models)
  • Renegade Guard - Blackstone Fortress (7 models)
  • Beastmen - Blackstone Fortress (4 Models)
  • Rogue Psykers - Blackstone Fortress (2 Models)
  •  Dark Mechanicum - Blackstone Fortress (4 models)
  • Drones - Blackstone Fortress (4 models)
  • Urguls - Blackstone Fortress (4 models)
  • Familiars (4 - two chaos two GSC)
  • Two Squads of Ten Vostroyan Guard including heavy weapon bases.
  • Four man command squad (Flamer, Medic, Comms and Grenade Launcher)
  • Two Vostroyan Snipers
  • Oh, and whatever is left from the Alpha legion list (2 Oblits, Master of Possession, and 2 Greater Possessed)