Friday, May 31, 2019


Last night I thought I would spend some time painting the cool Kelermorph model I just primed.  from a distance the model looked fine but when I started to work on the details I noticed something wrong: my primer fused up.

I tried to work through it and finished painting the model but it bugged me too much.  Sure from a tabletop distance it looked fine and if this were rank and file guys I would have been annoyed but moved on.  Not on a Kelermorph though.  He is too cool and special to let this go.

I broke out the acetone and went to work.  I know that this stuff can eat at your models if you are not careful.  So armed with some Q-tips, a old toothbrush and some patience I removed most of the paint.  

I went with acetone because the last few model I left in simple green was just not cutting it.  I am a little sad I didn't get the paint remover from Adepticon but $40 was just too much for paint stripper no matter how good it is.  The last time I had to clean up a model acetone worked well if you are careful and quick.  

I am hoping that this is the only model with this problem but I fear the Jackals might have suffered the same fate. I am going to have to see how bad the fuzz is on them before making the decision to clean them.  Maybe it is time I get an airbrush.

Either way I am going to try to prime him again this weekend.  Wish me luck.