Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Some Genestealer Cult models Nearing Completion

I haven't had a lot of hobby time this past few weeks.  I did get time enough to finish a jackal though.  I have also started on several other Jackals and Genestealer Cult units.

First up is my Jackal.  When I modeled this one I took the demo charge arm from the acolyte kit.  In the end I want a few of these guys ready for some surprise ambushing.

After the Jackal I decided to batch paint the rest of my genestealers I got a few steps in before deciding to focus on one model.

I wanted to work on the map for the Nexos.  I decided to use the Nighthaunt Gloom paint for the display.  I used red to pick out the arrows gave it a good wash and highlight. I was going to leave the sides silver but I changed my mind and went with the green used on the bikes and other vehicles.

With just a touchup here or there and the base left on the Nexos, I am hoping to finish him and maybe a few of the others as well.  I still need to magnetize the second quad as well but that should go quickly.

Hope you are having a good week.

Questions? Comments? The ascension is at hand!