Friday, April 5, 2019

Looking ahead

With Adepticon in the books, Shorehammer just opened registration.  I am planning to play in the Age of Sigmar(AoS) tournament as well as the 40k Highlander.  This opens the question: what armies am I going to bring?

Yes, the tournament is seven months away and I can change up my armies and lists several times between now and then but looking at what I have and what I need to finish will give me a goal to work toward as well as knowing what I am missing. I plan on looking at the armies that I am most likely to bring and do the pros and cons for each.


I only have the two armies for AoS so it is easy to figure out the front runners.  Looking at my Nighthaunt, I am pretty far behind in having a fully painted army.  Another con is that a huge chunk of the army is the Mourngul, who is not allowed (Forgeworld model)  I would have to figure out what I needed to build up this army and paint it while trying to learn how to play it.  I love this army and look forward to playing games with it but I don't think I will be ready by the time Shorehammer comes around. 

This leaves me with my Daughters of Khaine.  I have a 1500 point army already painted.  I am not sure the point limit for this tourament so I might have to add a few more units.  I am sure it is less than my Nighthaunt.  I also wanted to bring my list up to 2000 points already so win/win.  I feel that a few units is more doable than a whole army.  I have played a few games with the Daughters as well so It is not like I am learning the army from scratch.  

With this laid out It looks like the Sisters will be making the trip.


This is a tougher decision.  I have several armies and a few have been neglected over the years.  I have been playing Orks since they dropped back in Orkvember. I love the Orks but I think it is time to let the other play.  Looking at my armies I have a few that don't see the table much.  Out of all of them, I think Genestealer Cult(GSC), Tau, and my new Space Marines are in the front running.

The GSC are the new boys in town.  I have several more bikes and buggies to paint. This does not include the neophytes, acolytes, and several characters to paint. I have not had a lot of time with this army.  I do want to get some games in with it soon so it would be nice to start working on a play-style that works for me.  I can have the rest of the bikes built and work on painting them over the next few months while I work out the kinks.  They are a viable option.

The Space Marines are a special project.  I think I would need the new Shadowspear guys to make a competitive army for them. I have played a few times with them and feel I could field a 1250 pt army with what I have, but do I want to?  I got this army to supplement my Ad Mech army when I play in large games.  It would feel weird not playing a combined forces with them.  I could do an Ad Mech/Marine combo but 1250 might be a little tight.  I will have to check the rules to see what is allowed.

The last army is my Tau army. These poor guys are my forgotten force. There is a lot to paint to get them ready for the tournament.  I will also have to get a box of breachers so I can have two troop choices.  I love the look of these guys and I don't know why I don't paint and play them more.  I think they get a bad rap for being a WAAC army.  Then again I don't use the bombers, drone spam, or missile Broadsides. I think it might be a different play-style for me. If I focus on painting them and developing my play-style to fit the army I might just give these guys a good dose of love.  

This is a hard choice.  I am having a hard time with these options.  I love the GSC.  I don't know how to play them but love the models.  The Space Marines are cool but they are just a side project.  It would be more of a Ad Mech army with some marines. The Tau so desperately need my attention.  I don't think I even played a game of 7th with them.  Can I find it in my heart to take them to a tournament?  Should I just let them go?

What do you guys think? is it time for the ascension? or time for some pew pew pews?  Help me out!