Friday, April 5, 2019

Sister test model

If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or in the TWL text group you have already seen my test model for the sisters of battle.  It is one of the new Geminea sisters for Celestine that was released a while ago. With her done, I have a scheme that I can use when the new sisters come out.  My good friend has donated a squad to help get me started, I hope he doesn't regret it.

The first thing I had to figure out was her armor color.  Talking with my wife she wanted her armor to be yellow.  While she liked the Averland Sunset color, I wanted it to look metallic.  I tried using a metallic medium mixed in and on top but, it ended up looking more satin than metallic. 

I striped her and tried another method.  This time I painted a bright silver basecoat and then I used Lamenters Yellow glaze on top to tint the armor yellow.  I am really happy with how it turned out.  I did all of her accent
s in the bright silver.

With her armor done, I needed to figure out her cloth and corset.  We first thought of the complimentary color of purple but then she would look like a Lakers girl.  Seeing that my wife is a Spurs fan that would not do.  We then tried a nice deep blue (an old base called Mordian blue) but that just did not look right.  We settled on black for the accessories (loin cloth and gloves) and orange for the corset.

The final bit was her jetpack.  This all started with my wife wanting a red to yellow gradient on the wings of Celstine and of the alternate models I had for seraphim.  Now I am going full GW, I wanted to keep my wife's original idea but just use it on the jet pack of the new seraphim.  With the help of some retarder medium I wet blended the red and yellow to make the gradient effect.  I added a little flash gits yellow to the tips. All that is left is adding a holographic top coat to the gradient and the look will be complete.

The base is some miliput that has been textured with a rolling pin from Green Stuff World.  It gives the girls a unique looking base to stand on. I plan to roll out a big patch and then cut out the disks and place them on the bases of the sisters.  I will have to cut off the slotted bases that they are currently on.  I might have to pin them to the base so they stay on. 

With the test model done, I can build the second sister as well as Celestine and also start working on the squad that I mentioned before.  I figure if I do a few here and there I can have them done before the new ones come out. It will give me a head start on the army as well as a paint scheme to follow.

Have a good weekend.

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