Tuesday, April 9, 2019


As usual, I have fluttered over to another project before finishing the one I started.  This time I decided to paint up some Chainrasps.

These little guys are battleline for my growing Nighthaunt army. With these five done, I have a half a squad painted.  I have twenty-five more of these guys built and primed. I still want to get another ten so I can take the battalion that uses two squads of twenty and a guardian of souls.  

The recipe for these guys are pretty simple.  I start with Nighthaunt gloom.  I then drybrush the model with Fenrisian Grey.  Finally I drybursh the lower edges with White Scar.  All weapons are done with Balthasar Gold then given a Agrax Earthshade wash.  The skeleton parts are a Ushabti Bone with a wash. The chains are just Leadbelcher with a wash.  Finally, the wood rods are Dryad Bark.

Eventually I want to add yellow roses and vines to their bases to tie them into the other bases but I have yet to find a suitable rose.  I think I am going to have to make a mold or the ones on the pre-built bases to make my own.

While writing this blog, I have already started to paint the second half of the unit.  If I stick with it, I can have them done this week or maybe I will just fly onto the next project that fancy.  I still have those Jackals to build.

Questions? Comments? Squirrel!