Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Sooo Close

Adepticon is only days away.  As I have mentioned I am meeting up with Dave from the Tabor Warhammer League in DC to play in the Long War Doubles Tournament.  As the day approaches I thought I would set my expectations for the con.

My first expectation is to have fun.  I know people have practiced and honed their armies for this event and Dave and I have played together once.  Neither of us have played an ITC mission so I am expecting to get stomped.  I am really looking for just a good time playing and rolling dice.  It will be fun to team up with a buddy I hardly see and get to yell "Dakka Dakka Moooooo!" as we try to get some points.

In the vendor hall, there should be some interesting vendors.  I hear Victoria Miniatures will have their own booth and I am sure Tectonic Craft Studio will be there as well.  Games workshop will have a booth as well but I doubt they will have anything for me. I always look forward to the bin man.  This guy brings a bunch of secondhand minis to events and you can just dive in and find some hidden gems. I need to start up a list for the models to look for.  I am hoping to enlist the help of my wife to shift with me.

It will be nice to see the Miniwargaming Crew again.  I am sure they wouldn't remember me but it is always good to see them. I have not heard if the Glacial Geek or any other 40k Celebrities will be there but I can be hopeful.  While not celeb watching I plan on seeing all the cool models.  The team tourney is always cool with the display boards and themes.  I am hopeful to get a bunch of photos of all the stuff I could never pull off.

With these things in mind I think I will probably have a good weekend.  I am excited to get the chance to revisit Adepticon.  It has been six years since the last time I went.  

Dakka Dakka Moooooo!!!