Monday, March 25, 2019

Almost there!!!

Adepticon preparation continues this busy weekend. With 2 movies, a Blues game, and a comedy show, I somehow found some time to completely finish my Orks army for this week.  On top of that I did some work on some done on some Chainrasps and my last built Jackal.

Early Saturday morning I was adding the finishing touches to my last two grots when I noticed my Weirdboy was on a 32mm base.  I did this a while back when I first thought I would one one.  Just to be sure I checked out the website and sure enough Weirdboy are supposed to be on 40mm.  I sadly popped him off that base and glued him to a 40mm.  Sunday night I added the Agrellan Earth crackle paint and on Monday morning before work I added the Agrax Earthshade.

With the Weirdboy finished My army is ready to go. 32 boys, 2 nobs, 10 grot, a Warboss, a Weirdboy, 2 Shokkjump Dragstas, and Gordo.  I have had a lot of trouble finding info on the Doubles Tournament.  I think they uses ITC rules, which I have never done, so I feel we are going to have a rough time.  I need to figure out what secondaries are available and figure out which of those we can do.

While waiting for wash to dry I got out some Chainrasps and laid down their blue and blacked out the bases.  This brings them quite a bit along.  I have the skeleton, parts and metal bits then I can go into highlighting.  I might just take these along to work on in the hotel room.  We shall see.

Lastly I got a couple more colors on my last built Jackal.  I got all the leather done as well as the lights and skin.  I have left the tires and cloth to paint then I can do some highlighting.

Overall the weekend was pretty successful. I plan on getting a rundown on my list and maybe a overview of what I am expecting from Adepticon.  

Have a good week!

Questions? Comments? Waaaaaaaaaagh!!!