Sunday, March 17, 2019

Multiverse Gaming Scenery Review - Forges of Prometheus

Howdy all! I recently picked up some scenery from Multiverse Gaming Terrain so that I could fill out the scenery on the desert industrial board. Here's my write up of the experience.

The details: What I ordered! (Paid for in Euros, so rounded off in Dollars)

Burning Stack
1 x Burning Stack - $20

Assembly Line
1 x Assembly Line - $11
Hydraulic Press

1 x Hydraulic Press - $15

Pallets & Wire Spools

1 x "Sci-Fi" Crates + 1 x Pallets & Spools $14

So now that you've seen what I ordered, here's how they turned out!


Overall Review: I really liked these kits. Relatively affordable in general, made more so with a Black Friday sale coupon. They've got a variety of kits and they are themed to match. The elements are all able to be connected (such as the conveyor belts and the gantry-ways of the burning stack). Finally, the pieces fit together really well. I only had a few moments of "Why is this not squishing together properly?!"

Pros - Cheap, Well-Designed, nice looking, and themed to match a greater set. Also, as my order was delayed due to a higher that anticipated amount of orders, they were nice enough to give me a voucher for 10 e. worth of terrain. Interestingly enough, they also have a rewards program that ensures you will want to go back.

Cons - I was a bit annoyed that there wasn't much communication once my order was sent out - I didn't know it was going to be delayed. This is a very minor complaint and easily explained once I received my package.

My bigger complaint is the directions. As is becoming the norm, directions are accessible via their website for MOST of the things (some things they assume are common sense aren't really). I found their directions were good at telling you about putting the individual components together, but lacked the final part of 'Where does this large part go in connection to this other large part." In particular, I really struggled with figuring out where the hydraulic press part fit into the larger archway. After learning the trick, it seemed obvious, but slightly clearer directions would be a benefit, as is a 'this is what it should look like when finished' close up, rather than just having to rely on their website.

Pros Vs Cons: The "Would I buy from them again?" - Absolutely. Loved the kits and really matched other things I have. If I had to pick one kit I would not purchase again, I thought the spools and pallets kit, while affordable, are very easy to do at home. I wouldn't get that again. Everything else? Absolutely.