Saturday, March 23, 2019

Objective Markers for Vostroyan Army

So I've painted some more! I've always wanted my armies to have a specific set of objective markers, and the Vostroyan Casualties provide a great opportunity to actually get started on them.

Obviously, the first problem is that you only get three casualties! What would I use for the other three markers?

Two handy pieces from the Rogue Trader Box Set came to mind, painted in the fancy style that matches both the Vostroyan army but also matching with the use of "Nitch's Squad" as my Militarum Tempestus for this detachment. Lastly, a holiday clearance religious figure statue provided the last objective, as, according to the lore, Vostroyans are very pious (At least, that's the fluff, but it also matches my background for this detachment, which will also have a priest.

Naturally, the statue got the "1" objective. I made the casualties all even numbers in case it's a 'place x objectives in your own deployment zone' type mission so I can have a few to match the army.

Extra small white dice provided the numerical system and voila! 6 painted, completed objective markers ready for an army that has only one completed miniature!

Thoughts? What do your objectives look like?

The Colonel & Champion fight over the statue.