Monday, March 18, 2019

WIP: Geminae Superia

With under two weeks to finish up my ork army, this weekend I spent time assembling and painting one of the Geminae Superia.  The hobby butterfly strikes again.

I have been wanting to start working on Celestine and her Geminae Superia for a while. The fact that I recently found a paint that I wanted to try out for their armor pushed me towards working on them.  The color is a yellow metallic that color shifts.  I have not had good luck with the color shifting paints but I was hopeful for this one. While shortly after application it looked like it have promise, after a couple of hours the shine dulled down to a flat yellow and I didn't see any color shift.

I decided to try a diferent paint to see if I could get the result I was looking for. This one has a more pearlized look over the metallic look I want but it is worth a shot. While this one looked better, its coverage is a bit lacking.  I am not sure if this is beacuse of the color shift paint underneath or my application of the pearl paint on top but it looks a bit splotchy and thick on her legs.

I have a couple of other options I want to try befeore settling down on the final paint scheme.  I plan on soaking this model in some simple green this week and maybe swinging back around later next week.  Before I do I might take a shot on doing a red to yelow gradient on her jump pack for a proof of concept.  We will see where the butterfly lands.

Have a great week.

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