Monday, March 25, 2019

Three Day Adepticon Industrial Display Board Challenge

Howdy all,

I managed to get some Thursday evening gaming in at the local Damascus Powerfisters this last weekend and ran into a club friend - Dave. He knows my limits on spending this year, and offered a trade - The Chaos side of Shadowspear for a display board.

A sneak peak!

Of course I said sure. Then he said "Oh, I need it by Wednesday for Adepticon." My friend is on a team with Gren Dal, so I know the board will be staying within the club and the blog! It was my birthday weekend and I had Friday off, so I accepted the challenge.

Rules - 2 ft by 2 ft, could only spend money on the base, industrial/urban rubble themed, dark and gritty.

Bonus - he handed me an Administratum scenery box and said "could this go with it?"

So I started - ran off to the local home improvement store and nabbed a 2x4 3/4 inch thick MDF board. Had them cut it in half for me, brought it home and got to work. I used this as an excuse to pull out EVERYTHING in the warhammer closet and clear out some old pieces.

Put together a mishmash of leftover pink foam pieces, a vacuum tube, paper towel roll and tons of filler material, including contributions from two different kickstarters, ebay, and the recycling bin. Covered it with a hefty amount of canvas embroidery wrap. I know people love the 'granny grate' which is the plastic version, but I adore this type as it takes a water-glue mix and turns it into practically concrete.

Spent the remainder of the day cutting plasticard to make various size tiles to go over the mesh floor.  Added more filler material to cover the small channels and dumped in a hefty amount of wood glue and water combination. Left to dry overnight. Started work on clipping out the scenery kit.

Woke up early and dumped out the remaining water/glue combo that hadn't dried overnight. Added wood filler along the border to give the foam something to protect it. Let that dry. Later I sprayed it black, then brown on top and grey along the sides. Let that 'off gas' for a while on the patio. Not the best, but certainly faster than hand painting those colors and waiting for it to dry. Finished cleaning the scenery kit and started assembly.

Later on, splotched on a rust red, then drybrushed a dark orange and lighter orange atop it. Then spent two hours while watching Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon carefully painting each tile a pale yellow-white. With craft store acrylic paint this took 2-3 layers, but with only perhaps 1/6 of the board covered overall it was annoying but didn't actually take too long. Then I let it dry overnight.

Woke up to see how it looked in the morning light, added a few dribs and drabs in places that were a bit bald. Added some yellow to exposed brickwork in two layers, then added sparkle medium to the still brown areas to show some areas that hadn't rusted without using up my Citadel Leadbelcher on a giant scenery piece. Primed the administratum plastic scenery.

Then I let it dry, and brushed the whole thing with Army Painter Strong Tone to add an additional layer of protection. After that dried, I hit it with Krylon Matte Finish to bring the shininess down. With that done, I plowed through the scenery by painting it with the same red-orange-orange combination, adding some grey blue-lighter blue tiles, then a bit of gold to add some detailing. With that, I've declared it finished.

Some detail shots now.

So - A three day Industrial Board challenge accepted and finished! Bam - add that to the Kanban Board. Hopefully GrenDal will add some pictures with the armies on it from Adepticon!


- Blockade