Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Finished 3rd Jackal

This weekend I finished up another Jackal so I thought I would post a few images.

With this one finished I have three complete and just one last one to paint before moving on to building the others. I will have a total of twelve Jackals and three Wolfquads.

I have taken a new job and life at home has been pretty busy.  I hope to finish these bikes and get them on the field in April.  I figure any games I have before Adepticon should be with my Orks to give me some time getting comfortable with their stats.  I am still working on getting the Gorkanaut stats under my hat. The plan is to play a couple of months with the cult then try out the Tau.  It is my goal to get some games in with the Tau and maybe even take them to Shorehammer this year.

Speaking of conventions I have Adepticon at the end of this month.  With that in mind I have to work on getting my ork army fully prepared for the Doubles Tournament. That is for another post.

Have a good rest of the week!

Questions? Comments? The time of Ascension is here!