Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Showcase: Last of the Acolytes

Today I have a small update with the last of my  acolytes. 

These last eight acolytes are the last models in my 1500 point army.  I still have a few neophytes and a second magus to paint up but they can wait until after my trip.

I plan on expanding the army some more with some more metamorphs and acolytes as well as another Goliath.  It will be nice to get the army up to 2k but for now I am content to move onto a different army for a while.

Next up I am working on some ork vehicles as well as making sure my other armies are ready to go.  There are a few gaunts that need basing, the genestealers need their bases expanded and based and my orks might need some loving. It is getting down to the wire…

Questions? Comments? For the four armed emperor!