Thursday, March 2, 2017

Showcase: Goliath Truck

I finished painting my Goliath Truck for the genestealer cult. The painting went realitively quickly.  Lets take a look.
 Since this is my first true genestealer cult vehicle, I had to decide if I wanted to either match the paint scheme of  my guard units or go with something completely new.  Seeing that I will be using my guard tanks along side the goliaths I decided that they should match.

I am a bit worried about going forward with the green since it is the old Knarloc Green.  When this paint pot finally runs out or dries up I am going to have a hard time matching it.  I have looked at the new line of GW paints and none of them are quite the same. Speaking of paints, the color I used for the green highlight seems a bit bright. I like the way it looks so I am not worried.

I finished everything I need for the truck load out.  I still have all the rockgrinder pieces to paint up before this kit is finally finished.  There is not a lot of work mainly the grinder attachment. The guns will go quickly.

Next on the plate will be a couple of heavy weapon teams, a metamorph and an acolyte.  After that I think I will do a batch of neophytes then acolytes. I sent an email to Miniwargaming asking if they allow the start collecting formations in their games.  If they do I have a Triarch Stalker to paint up and a few wraiths I need to fix.

I will be getting in a few games this month with my gaming group but I am hoping to find a few more outside of gameday to test out my lists.  So far I have a tyranid list, a necron list, a cult mechanicus list, and a genestealer cult list.  I am doubting that the genestealers will be ready in time.  I have probably 40 models to paint to have a fully painted army.  We shall see.

I hope you guys have a great week.  we'll see how far I can get.

Questions? Comments? For the four armed emperor!!