Thursday, February 23, 2017

WIP: Goliath Truck

The project this week is my Goliath tank that I got for my birthday. I knew I wanted to magnetize it so I could run any of the options that are available.  Here is a quick look on how it turned out.

For the gun, I glued a washer on  the mount point and then added some magnets to the bottom of each mount.  This way I can use either gun mount when I needed.

After that I added a magnet inside the large mount at the gun point. Then added some magnets on each of of the tips. This way changing the gun type is quick and easy.

Here are the results once it is assembled. (third option is pictured up top)

Lastly, I needed to be able to swap out the rockgrinder shield mounted on the front. I place two magnets on the inside of the truck and one on each strut off the shield.

I missed taking a picture of the placement inside of the magnets but here is the shot of the grinders and its magnets.

It is a nice kit.  My final shot is the truck completely disassembled, ready for what ever configuration I need to make it.

The nice thing about building the kit this way is that I didn't use the base of the gun mount. So, the next truck I can make both versions of the gun with each having a real base.  Not bad at all.  Work is killing me this week so I doubt I will get to paint it up.  Maybe that will be next week.

Have a good one.