Friday, March 24, 2017

Action shots from gameday

A while back I went to a special Game Day where we hosted (more like Christopher hosted) a group from another gaming club.  It was a great day where I played three games and faced off armies and general I have not seen before.  Here are some shots from my second game.

The terrain on the table was done by one of our regular members.  He actually likes building and painting terrain (crazy right?) He asked me to take some pictures of his terrain in action.

This game was a bit one sided.  He had a bunch of Leman Russes but I had cover and my malanthropes.  A 3+ cover save is pretty awesome.  His big shots couldn’t put enough wounds on my big creatures plodding across the board and he just ignored my tyrant.

Looking back, if I were him I would move the demolishers and tried to take out the malenthropes.  The shrouded bubble made it easy for my army to move across the board and nom him in the face.

The terrain was great.  While there was not a lot of line of site (LOS) blocking terrain there was quite a bit of cover.  If my opponent had LOS ignoring shots the game would have been a lot different.  The only thing I might have added were some more walls or maybe a rock outcropping or sand dune.  

I like how the terrain is thematic. I think it will go well with his Thousands Sons army. Sometimes when you go to a FLGS you can have a hodge podge of terrain.  When it is thematic and the models are painted it is almost like a story unfolding.

I hope you enjoyed the images.  I know I had fun while taking them. Sorry I didn’t take any from my other games.  I am a bad chronicler.

Have a good weekend!

Questions? Comments? Nom nom noms?