Monday, March 27, 2017

What Should I Do????

So I have a Dilemma.  When I thought about my trip, I knew I had three days of gaming.  I know usually they shoot one game a day.  With this in mind I thought one army per day would be good enough. Everything was fine and dandy until I did the impossible. I finished painting my genestealer cult.

I thought the armies I would take on my trip would be: Tyranids, Ad Mech, and Necrons.  I figured I had 40 genestealer cultists to paint in two months.  With work and school taking a bunch of my free time I never thought it was possible.  Well it was possible and now I don’t know what to take. Here is how I see it.


 This one is a shoe in for going.  It is by far my favorite army.  I don’t use a bunch of flying tyrants so it is a bit underpowered in most player’s position.  They tend to do well in my current meta but we know that means nothing.  If anything, I have to decide which exocrines to take.  Out of the three I own, I plan on fielding at least two.  Do I take the old school one or do I take the kitbashed one? 


I don’t get to play these guys very often.  I generally don’t do the Decurion because of the cheesey reputation.  I run a combined arms detachment with the start collecting formation and a Canoptek Harvest formation.

I love the look of these guys and I think they are a strong army.  I should not get rolled over and should make a decent opponent.  On the other side, I am told they are a boring army to watch.  They just don’t die.  This could be annoying and make a bad video.

Ad Mech

I love the look of my add mech.  I am still trying to figure out how to play them.  I don’t have all the models for the war convocation but I could bring 1850 to 2k army with my Forgeworld knight for a larger game. 

This army has the potential to dominate the field but usually they collapse pretty quickly.  I would love to bring them and try out Cawl.  I have yet to play him.  My fear playing this army is that I will fail hard and the game will not be very fun to watch.


I love my orks.  They are fun but not very competitive. The main problem is I don’t have all of my models painted.  I would have to play with a subpar list with what I have painted. While not the end of the world I would have the chance to Waaagh for the internets.

Genestealer cult

They are ultimate glass hammer. If the moons align I will get to go first with a lot of assaults.  If not, then it will be an uphill battle.  Having rushed to have them all painted in time, I can’t leave them behind.  I don’t know if my opponent will ask what I am playing before choosing their army but I am afraid of the flamer heavy army.  I know one thing, with the cult there is a possibility of a quick game for either side. 

So, there are all of my choices. I am 90% certain that I will be bringing my tyranids and genestealer cult.  This leaves at least one slot open at most two.  So the question is: Do I bring my mob of orks, my “boring” necrons, or my untested ad mech?
If you read this blog, please leave a comment. This is the one time I definitely need some input. I have one gameday before I leave and I want to bring my armies to get a practice game with each before heading out. 
Help me out!