Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Showcase: Genestealer cult

Last week I had a few random genestealer cult members sitting on my desk.  Since they were primed the same time as the Goliath, I thought that I would get them painted up before I moved on to other tasks.

First up was an acolyte with a heavy rock grinder.  I had put a bits order in for some legs since I had the heavy weapon torso from when I bought the box of metamorphs.  I already built a heavy rock drill from my first box so, I thought I would add a saw this time.

I tried to add some white highlights on his light skin but I am not sure it is really visiable.  I need to fire my photographer and get one who can do a better job.

I probably won't use this model unless I summon a group of acolytes. I am not sure if one rock saw is worth three more acolytes. The only real time I will need them is when I am going up against land raiders. Maybe I will hide one in a group of 10 kind of like a nob in a group of boys. It is worth thinking about but for now, I am going to go with more bodies.

Next up was a metamorph.  To build this guy I had to get some legs and the front of a torso from my bits order.  I really like having my metamorphs kitted out with lash whips.  The boost to initiative helps ensure that they go before most of the other fighters in the combat. There is nothing worse than getting into combat only to be slaughtered before attacking. (I am looking at you Abberants)

I like that with a few extra bits I can stretch the metamorph box to 7 models.  This makes it cheaper to flesh out the ranks.  I think I am going to try one more Overkill set and sell off everything but the acolytes.  Hopefully I will break even or get a little extra money for my efforts.

The one draw back is that this is the only pose with a lash whip. If I group them together that start to look  very mono-posed.

The last two models are lascannon heavy weapon teams.  I had two unpainted teams for my guard that I cannibalized to be genestealer neophyte teams. Most of the time, I am going to run my neophytes with two mining lasers but sometimes I will want longer range.

The two free standing neophytes are from the truck kit.  I was just going to put them on their own base but I think adding them to the teams ties the kit to my army.

The Neophyte torso is a bit bigger than the standard guard so I had to do some modifications to their hands.  It is not pretty but it looks okay from a distance.  

The next few weeks I am going to focus on the amries I am taking to Miniwargaming.  I have a triarch stalker to paint as well as as many gaunts as I can.  I think I have all the rest of my necrons painted.  I will need to make sure they are all based as well.  I plan to gather up the armies so I know what I still have to deal with before I go.  My trip is almost a month away now... so excite.

Have a good week.

Questions? Comments? For the four armed emperor!!